Course users not saved, lessons neither.

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Course users not saved, lessons neither.

Postby aldochatt » Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:00 pm

I installed the latest Efront Community and created a new category, then course and then lesson. When tried to add the "professor" and the "student" default users, the page show the green "success" icon next to the checkbox, but after changing role to "professor" or "student" the course did not show up, I checked the database in the "users_to_courses" table and the course and users was not added.
The same occurs when adding lessons to the course.

Version: 3.6.15 Community
Database version: 3.6.15 Community
build: 18022

Apache Version 2.4.12
PHP Version 5.5.21
MySQL Version 5.5.40-cll
Architecture x86_64

cPanel Version 11.48.0 (build 8)
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Re: Course users not saved, lessons neither.

Postby 2ninerniner2 » Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:25 am

I just did the same thing with a fresh install of the latest version and all worked as it should :)

Just to clarify your steps taken:

- created new Category
- created new Lesson, set it to this new Category, available exclusively through Course, Active
- created new Course, set it to this new Category, Active, Show in Course Catalog
- add Default Prof and Student as Users
- add the new Lesson to this Course

Did two this way and both show for Prof and Student.
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